a holistic view

I am doctor specialized in wholistic health care.
I am providing a patient centered approach. What does that mean?

By listening and seeing the patient as a partner with his own responsibility for his or her health. By working out an individualized treatment plan that involves the patient equally or utmost. The goal to be pursued is to provide healing on all levels. I have realized since the beginning of my medical career that there is more than conventional medicine has to offer to achieve healing.

My professional career thus lead me, following a classical medical education, to the science of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With my experience grew my interest and the need to offer complementary therapies to meet the demands and offer health care solutions to people living in the modern world with its stressful sources.

These sources can be either of biological origin (nutrition deficiency, inadequate nutrition, biological toxins from bacteria, fungi and viruses or metal toxins, interference field disorders through chronic inflammation or scars) or emotional or mental imbalances or inadequate coping mechanisms due to stress or inadequate belief systems. These imbalances disturb the so called vegetative nervous system and produce problems of the vegetative nervous system ( sleep disorders, hormone disorders, allergies, pain and many more) since both physical and emotional stress can be linked to organ patterns and dysfunctions, already described by the Chinese some 3000years ago…


To meet this comprehensive approach I offer multiple treatments such as acupuncture, neural therapy, manual therapy, dietary councelling, guidance in fasting, orthomolecular infusion therapy, chelate detox infusions, phytotherapy with both Chinese and European herbs, autonome response testing and psychokinesiology to address these imbalances.
But most important is to teach you how to take back your responsibility for your own health and well being, since you are the most important person when it comes to your health and your life!